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im 1 second away from permanently deleting this blog bc u spoke to me

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hallo friends

im making this post bc i am never really on here anymore which sucks a lot bc i had such a good time with yall and with kpop and everything involved — just 99% an awesome group of people. BUT IM P MUCH DECLARING THIS TUMBLR DEAD in my normal dramatic fashion. im sure i’ll pop in here if donghae does anything particularly gross or looks particularly SUPER GROSS but otherwise im to be found on my regular tumblr here


it has been a good run

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@mbcsimsimtapa: really the world’s best and ultimate super gag-dol!! We agree!!! 👍 Thank you, super junior♡ (c)


siwon in fics: super filthy rich dark mysterious mafia boss who runs a gay nightclub and has ppl assassinated

siwon in real life: collects refrigerator magnets and talks to his dog

cr. Hae_默 // do not edit

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some graffiti in hongdae

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