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Please stop making fanart of the high schoolers who died on the ferry. That’s extremely disrespectful. You have no idea what was going on with them at the time and you have no right to make up little cutesy sad stories about them. They are not your objects to play with as you wish.
Pray for Korea. Don’t turn it into your fantasy playground.

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myechiiii said: im beyond disappointed that a bright person who talks about race relations in kpop, that is studying ASIAN STUDIES, is minimizing the Loof thing. just because yall are friends? I spend more time on my blog calling out antiblackness, does NOT mean i will throw Asians under the bus. Don't think that you can safely say that it's to (unintentionally) hurt Asians because not enough Asian fans care when it's antiblackness. that's logical nonsense. people have spoken up about how it hurts them.


before i get started i just wanna put it out there that i agree 100% about death threats, that shit is absurd.

now, telling someone that they are being hurtful and ignoring your POV is not sending hate. of course i’m sure some people did, bc tumblr. 

as for receipts — and please don’t go after any of these folk, guys

1 and 2) the post here, and the reblogger’s response to this  post

3 and 4) there were considerably better examples from the comment of the YT video Tracy made private, but from what I can still see on her explanation video:

I’m surprised you were shocked about being called racist. The main reason why people are offended in the first place is because saying “loof” is racist. “Herro,” “Immpossibru,” “Prease,” “Dericious,” “Engrish,” “Flied Lice” and “Incollect,” are all racist because it’s mimicking/mocking the way Asians speak when English isn’t their first language. “Loof” goes into that same category.

 Ayumu Kato, the guy from the “Impossibru!” meme, probably never even said “Impossible,” but people put that caption on his picture just because he’s Asian and “oh! He’s Asian so he must sound like that!”  This is why “loof” is offensive. It encourages the stereotype of what Asians sound like. If “loof” becomes acceptable, then people are going to use that to justify the other racist things they say. “’Loof’ isn’t racist so how is saying ‘prease pass the soy sauce’ racist?”

I get that’s not your intention, but the intent doesn’t matter all the time. When you accidentally bump into someone, you’ll still say sorry even if you didn’t mean to bump into them.


Please feel free to provide me some receipts of these people who are hurt please and thank you. 

My mom, when she was young, was constantly teased because she had a speech impediment due to her thick Caribbean accent. Other kids would point out how she spoke the language and laugh at her to the point she was in tears. I understand that you had no bad intentions of wearing the shirt but how would Himchan know that? If I was him and seeing someone with Loof on their shirts I would assume that the person was making fun of the way I spoke the English language. You were wrong. However, the people who are sending you death threats are WORSE! How can these people tell someone to die do they know what’s going on in Korea? What is still going on in Malaysia? Death is something people should never wish upon a person. Every life is valuable!!!
i promise you there were more and if you are friends with Tracy, perhaps you can ask her personally to see the comments on the first video if you don’t believe me.
However, it’s really upsetting that you don’t believe there’s any reasonable way people could or would be hurt by this.  For anyone concerned with race relations and generally treating other people well, this seems like common knowledge.  
I also resent you asking for receipts because I see friends on my dash posting about how they feel, but tucked away in the tags or behind /read more/ cuts because they know, THEY KNOW, that people will rush to discredit POC or non-English speakers’ experiences. we get called too sensitive day in and day out and even if there’s no legal ish i won’t throw people i know into the middle of this in case you need a quota of offended-ness.
but number 5 is courtesy of my beautiful friend spoonswithpassion, a post on how her family (of immigrants) deals with the fear of fucking english up, and how this relates. 
6 and onward) Links about how mocking “Engrish” is awfully harmful in general are available here, which you may have seen when fckrudeboyjongup linked them to tracycozette in a reblog:
I guess you thought I was…making it up? Thanks for questioning my POC cred? I don’t know what you want here.  There’s also me. I’m hurt, because I practice and preach POC solidarity.  i’m not a “give me a cookie” ally, it comes from legitimately respecting all groups especially those that face discrimination.   


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Benedict Cumberbatch harassing joggers in central park

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